This is what I’ve been up to…

I know it’s been a while and I swear I’ve been really busy. Here is my excuse for being so quiet:


I’ve been knitting baby sweaters…


And hats…


And diaper covers…


And searching thrift stores for rad onesies…


And knitting more hats…


And buying cute prints to make cloth diapers…


And re-discovering old favorite books of fairy tales…


And choosing fabrics for crib sheets and bumpers…


And even a matching quilt…


And making bibs…


And getting ready to welcome our little girl in July who is growing bigger every week!

Sorry for the crappy photography. One of these days I am going to replace our old camera with something decent. This may just be the year to do it too! Yes, we are having a baby and are so excited! I (luckily) have had an easy pregnancy thus far (knock on wood) so that is not the reason for the absence. I have just been crazy busy with work. I have found plenty of time for baby projects though and have even more on the horizon. In case you are interested, here are links to the projects shown here, except the baby sweater. That is a sneak peek at a new design. :)

-First hat knit in Friea Fine Handpaints Flux Worsted in Seaglass. It’s a modified version of these hats.

-Diaper Covers are the Darling pattern by Courtney Kelley for the Kelbourne Woolens Baby Collection. I knit these in Malabrigo Twist since JBW doesn’t carry The Fibre Company Organik.

-The 2nd hat is called Alfalfa and is free on Ravelry and from the Kelbourne Woolens Website. I used the yarn required – The Fibre Co. Terra.

-The diaper fabrics are knits from Birch Organics. I am using this free downloadable diaper pattern from Ottobre Design. The small size is huge though so I downsized it about 25%. My mom and I are both making diapers for the baby with this pattern. She is using flannel and I am using these knits. I think they are all going to be adorable.

-The nursery fabrics are also from Birch Organics by Teagan White. The collection is called Fort Firefly and all of the prints have a sage/teal and coral as the main colors. I love this palette and think its going to be gorgeous in the baby’s room. I am not a fan of overly girly girl decor for babies and I think something like this is perfect. I love that it has an outdoorsy feel too. I am really hoping our little gal loves the outdoors as much as we too and hopefully this will inspire her. More pictures to come when we have the nursery complete.

-Lastly, after seeing this bib on Etsy and not wanting to pay the hefty $40 price for it I decided to try making my own. I immediately recognized the fabric as Joel Dewberry, which we have at JBW, so I snagged some from his True Colors line in a gray woodgrain with an aqua herringbone print for the back side. Then I found this adorable (and simple!) Slobber Monkey Bib pattern from Heather Bailey’s website and decided to try my hand at it. Turns out the basic cutting and sewing part takes about 15 minutes and I was able to get 4 bibs cut out of the two 1/2 yard cuts of fabric I bought (less than $10.) All it needs now is a little embroidery and some velcro and we are in business. I’ll definitely be making more of these…for me any pretty much everyone I know with kids!

So those are the projects I’ve been working on. That and growing a human. You know, no biggie. :)


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Stitch Mountain is here!

So last year around this time, I was hard at work on four designs for a book. That book was Stitch Mountain. Stitch Mountain: 30 Warm Knits for Conquering the Cold actually came out in November, but with the Winter Games going on right now, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk up the book too. Especially since so many of the athletes are competing right now in Sochi!


For those of you who don’t know what the book is about, we asked 30 winter sports athletes to tell us what their favorite or dream knitted item would be. We then took those ideas and asked a collection hand-picked knitwear designers to create items based on these athletes descriptions. The result is a book that is both designer vision and athletic inspiration–the perfect hybrid of knitting and winter sports!

I have two designs inspired by athletes competing in Sochi. Julia Mancuso, a downhill skier who has already won a bronze medal at this year’s Winter Games in Ladies Slalom and Lindsey Jacobellis who is a Snowboarder who will actually compete later today in ladies Snowboard Cross. Both have medaled at previous olympic games as well. What an honor to design for such accomplished women!

I am an ex-snowboarder myself. Not at the competitive level of course, but it was a sport I really enjoyed for about 10 years until I injured my knee and chose to quit to avoid surgery. I miss it, but I have tons of great memories on the mountain. That’s why being a part of this book was so important to me, and such a huge honor!

Ok, so onto the designs. First we’ve got the Personalized Headband inspired by Julia Mancuso and her home mountain, Squaw Valley. Squaw also happens to be in my neck of the woods (Reno/Tahoe area) so I was really excited to knit this piece. It’s inspired by the original Squaw Ski Team headbands and I wanted to make this one reversible and easily customizable. The pattern includes an entire alphabet chart so that you can create a headband that is personal to you. Perhaps in the colors of your alma mater or your favorite sports team? On the inside, a simple stripe pattern is knit to create a completely reversible piece. Julia’s version is knit in Rowan Pure Wool 4ply which was a dream to knit with. Such amazing stitch definition and it blocks out so well. I will definitely be knitting with it again.



Next up we have the Sparkle Slouchy Hat inspired by Lindsey Jacobellis. Being a snowboarder, Lindsey’s style is super hip so I wanted to create a hat that I know she would love to wear. I chose a fun sparkly yarn by Red Heart called Boutique Midnight in some tonal self-striping colors. The hat features a wide brim that can be worn folded or unfolded depending on the look you are going for. The body is a simple mock rib that is easy, even for a beginner. The hat is super comfy to wear. I actually have 2 different versions of this hat at home and I wear them more often than any of the other hats in my collection.




So these are two of my designs from Stitch Mountain. I’ll be back soon to talk about the other two, but I hope you are all enjoying watching the Winter Games in Sochi! Be sure to cheer on these two gals when you see them on the screen and hopefully you’ll be knitting along on something cozy while you do! Remember, both of these designs are featured in Stitch Mountain, so if you don’t have your copy yet, be sure to snag one from Jimmy Beans Wool (all copies are signed by the author!)

Happy knitting everyone!


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Holiday Knitting & Crafting…Have YOU Started Yet?

**Dear Close Family & Friends. If you are here on my blog, thank you. I am honored that you know me so well AND still want to read what I have to say here. Maybe I am not as crazy as I think I am most of the time. This post includes some spoilers about your holiday gifts. Please don’t read this unless you want to have to pretend to be surprised on Christmas morning. If you do choose to read this, you’d better be good actors!**

I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday knitting lately and I’m beginning to worry that I’m not going to finish all of what I want to do in time. It’s a little stressful, and it shouldn’t be. I think it’s because I feel like this year has flown by seemingly faster than years past and I can remember last Christmas like it was yesterday. From what I’m told, it gets worse as you get older. Oh good.


This week I released a new pattern at Jimmy Beans. It’s a lovely wintery star holiday garland called the Luxury Holiday Garland. It uses our Luxury Fiber Sampler that my team has been working on creating for the past month. The sampler includes 12 mini-balls of our most high-end luxury yarns.

I used those mini balls to create the stars shown in the garland, and then a cotton-linen blend yarn for the garland strand which is also included in the kit. We thought it would be a neat way to give people a chance to try out some high-end yarns they might not otherwise think to buy for themselves and actually make something with those mini skeins.


This is my bosses fireplace. I wish it was mine. Actually I just wish I had a fireplace, period.


More of Jimmy’s pretty fireplace. :)



I am pretty proud of this design. I think it’s stunning and I can’t wait to decorate my home with more of these little stars this holiday season. I am thinking about making star ornaments for everyone in our family with the year on it. Maybe I’ll do a new color/yarn every year and in 12 years, they will have a garland! Maybe…



See how pretty they all are!?!?!

To that end, I’ve decided I really want to go all-handmade this year. We have a really big family that just seems to get bigger every year. It is becoming increasingly tough to hand-choose individual gifts for everyone, especially when I’m never quite sure what they really want or will use. Usually it’s a shot in the dark. 

This year, I’ve decided to make handmade soap and lip balm for everyone. I’ve bought all of my supplies and plan to start the process this weekend. I have a couple recipes I am excited to try this Lip Chap Recipe from Wellness Mama and I even got some cute little tins to make them in. I am thinking about having special little labels made too.

The soap process I am going to attempt is a cold process that is supposedly the way to go for really good soap. I am so excited. If all goes well, I plan to make all of my own soap and lip balm from now on.

I am also toying with the idea of Body Lotion Bars, also from the Wellness Mama Blog (my new favorite, thanks Lizard!) I’ve already made them and they are awesome! I may make more and put a little less beeswax in to make them slightly softer, but so far I am loving them and they are only three ingredients! Uber natural!

Along with all of these little items, Nick and I (yes, the hubby knits too, sometimes) are going to tag team some hand knit items for everyone as well. It’s been a while since everyone has had new hats and my MIL has been dropping hints that she would like some fingerless mitts, so I figure a few smaller hand knit items are doable. It’s also a great opportunity to use of some of my enormous yarn stash. Yet, the shear number of people to make things for is freaking me out a little as I mentioned above. The next two months are going to look like Santa’s Workshop around here. Now to go put some needles and yarn in Nick’s hands and get him knitting! Like this picture from our wedding day. He was finishing up his last groomsman’s beanie. :)


Nick likes to knit with Malabrigo. So do I. It’s a match made in heaven.

Happy holiday crafting everyone, if that’s what you are doing! If you are going the shopping route this year, godspeed. I will wish and hope for your survival.


PS. If you are on Ravelry and would like to favorite or queue up the Holiday Garland, please do!

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I Love Lamp

So, I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of lamps to fill in the holes in our recess lighting in the living room, but after about a solid year of looking I had about given up.  To be fair, I could probably have found something online a long time ago. Now, I like online shopping for some things (clothes surprisingly–I HATE malls, and dressing rooms, and well, you get the picture) but honestly, when I get home after staring at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do is stare more. Hence why I almost never blog anymore. But I digress…

So after about a year of halfheartedly searching here and there around town (both in thrift stores and retail stores) when I had time, I decided to hit up the Marshall’s down the street. I was also hoping to find some new pillows for the couch on the cheap, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to look for lamps there too. Well, it was my lucky day, because not only did I find lamps I REALLY liked, they are also hubby-approved. In fact, when I texted him a photo of them, he returned with a, “Those are bad a$$!” So needless to say they went home with me. Oh yeah, I found pillows too.


One of the lamps before I filled it & my new chevron pillows.


The pillow I got for the chair is the same brand as the chevron pillows and had all the same colors. I love stuff that coordinates but mixes prints. Super fun.

The cool thing about these lamps it that they are the jug kind that you can put stuff in to compliment the decor of your house. Usually you see similar things at Pottery Barn filled with shells or wine corks or something super classy. Since my living room is a far cry from looking like the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog I wasn’t really sure what was going inside, I just knew I really liked them. I got them home and asked the Mr. what he thought should go in them. His response? “Well, I thought we could put yarn in them, you have so much of it!” I guess I’ve trained him well, eh?


In person it looks rad. Super rad.

So that is how the yarn lamp came to be. It’s fitting since my “decor” usually consists of lots and lots of yarn, everywhere. There is a serious pile on my coffee table right now actually. I’ll be filling the 2nd one with more yarn soon and placing it on a side table next to the armchair I showed you above. I posted this pic on Jimmy Beans Wool’s Facebook page yesterday and all of the knitters went crazy over it. I guess people liked the yarn lamp. I love it too. Yep folks. I love Lamp.


On a side note, I also love Cascade 220 Fingering weight yarn. I had the opportunity to knit with it earlier this year for a design that just came out in the latest Cascade 60 Quick Knits book and it was seriously awesome stuff.  My design is a simple little garter stitch shawlette with a shell lace border and it’s appropriately called the Shell Lace Shawlette.  I hope you’ll check out the book. Officially, it’s titled: 60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops. I’m pretty proud of this design. It’s my first non-Jimmy Beans book publication, and I was so honored to be included in this collection. The book is due out in November, so pretty much any day now, but in the meantime, you can check out all of the designs on Ravelry.


I have a lot of new designs coming out in the next month or two, so stay tuned. I may actually blog again soon! (Don’t hold your breath though.)

Happy knitting,


PS. My coworker Terry, who is an outstanding knitting teacher and fiber enthusiast started a blog. You should go follow her: Terraknit

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Sew Red Mystery Sew-a-Long- Quilt Square #1

Earlier this year I had the honor of having my first sewing design published in a book called Sew Red. It was my first real attempt at designing a sewn garment and I thought the result was pretty good! I mean, I am no Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, or Anna Maria Horner (yes, those are some of the talented folks featured in the book) but I am so humbled to share book space with these amazing folks.

When I was asked to participate in a quilt block of the month style sew-a-long in honor of the book, I have to admit, I was, well, terrified. Quilting is so not my area of expertise. I did begin work on my first quilt ever earlier this year, but shamefully that project sits all cut out and partially sewn in the corner of my craft room. It’s fun, but sadly it doesn’t hold my attention the way knitting does. I love making my own clothes with the caveat that they be quick garments that can be sewn in a matter of hours.

So anyway, I said yes, mainly because I couldn’t bear to let the Stitch Red campaign down but also because I like a challenge. Also, I was reassured that the square could be super simple, to appeal to novice quilters like myself. Ok, I’ll bite.

So, being the overachiever that I am, I went ahead and made two squares, the first and easiest of which I will share today. I’ll share the second one with you on a later post. I should preface this by saying I am really only joking about the overachiever thing… I set out to make one type of square, but never being that great at puzzles (and that’s what these little fabric pieces look like to me) I couldn’t quite get it to work so I moved on to plan B. Then of course, as soon as I finished the sewing on plan B, plan A miraculously worked out and I ended up with two squares. Here is the quilt square we will be making today:


Here is my finished square. I can’t wait to see yours!

So for today’s quilt square, you need eight 5″ x 5″ squares of fabric. I kept it simple by just buying a charm pack which (for the quilting novices like myself) are pre-cut stacks of fabric that are usually all from the same collection of fabrics. My squares are from Sandy Gervais’ “Flirt” line of fabric. Unfortunately we are all out of the “Flirt” pre-cuts now, but if you like this fabric, we still have uncut yardage available at Jimmy Beans. Or you can always choose from one of these other adorable pre-cuts. (I really love the Tula Pink Salt Water Collection. Seahorses, octopuses, and anchors. Squee!) I chose the “Flirt” collection though because it fits in so well with the Stitch Red and Sew Red theme.


Some of the prints from the “Flirt” Collection.

Ok, so the other supplies you will need are a sewing machine, thread, scissors, a ruler and preferably a rotary cutter and board.

Here is how you make this square:

Step 1: Cut your 5″ x 5″ squares on the diagonal as shown in the picture below. I use the rotary cutter for this but you can also draw a diagonal line on the back side of your squares and cut on the line.


Line up your ruler on the diagonal.


Cut squares on the diagonal.

Step 2: Arrange your triangles into 4 separate squares. I paired the like-printed triangles on the points as shown in the photo with another pair of like-printed triangles.

Step 3: Sew each of your four squares together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press your seams down on the back side of your quilt squares as you go.

Step 4: Once each of your 4 squares is sewn together, sew all of your squares into one larger square but sewing together 2 pairs of squares, pressing the seam, then sewing all four together along the long edge down the middle.

And that’s it! This square is so simple and can be done many different ways and with many different color combos. It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps too!

Best of luck sewing your first quilt square, and please leave me a comment if you have any questions! I am happy to help.

Happy sewing!


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My Mountain

Later this year, I have four designs that will be in a book called Stitch Mountain. Stitch Mountain is Jimmy Beans Wool‘s campaign to support the US Freeski and US Snowboarding teams. We also sponsor athlete Lindsey Jacobellis. I had the pleasure of designing a hat for her earlier this year (that she apparently wears a ton and loves, I might add.) :) It will be one of the 4 designs coming out in this book. I also got to design a blanket for Tommy Moe (I know, right!?!?!), a cowl for Ingird Backstrom, and a headband for Julia Mancuso. I am so excited to be a part of this book, and really proud of these designs.

Recently, one of the companies we worked with on this book–Westminster Fibers, which is the US distributor for Rowan, Regia, and Schachenmayr yarns decided to start their own campaign called My Mountain. My Mountain is a campaign geared towards active people who want to make their own knit and crocheted items to wear while snowboarding, skiing, hiking, biking, surfing, you name it! A similar campaign spread like wildfire across Europe and now Schachenmayr is bringing it to the US.

In order to generate some excitement, they are hosting a hat design contest which I decided I just had to enter. Here are my two entries:

First we have the Sugarbowl Hat knit in SMC Lova yarn. It doubles as a neck gaiter which is super handy on the slopes as well!


My second design is called the Alpine Meadows Hat knit in two colors of SMC Boston yarn. I love Boston! This was my 5th time working with it (as I recently used it for a collection of patterns for the upcoming Stitch Mountain website debut) and it’s fantastic. Durable, light, and easy to care for, this yarn is fantastic for garments that need to be hard wearing and stylish. Plus, who can resist those neon colors!?!?


Both of these hats are named for my two favorite ski resorts in the Reno/Tahoe area.

**Thanks to my awesome model Amanda for making these hats look good. :)

So those are my entries into the contest! So see more of the entries, be sure to check out the My Mountain Facebook Page and Pinterest Board!

Wish me luck!


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Backpacking with the Dads

Every year on father’s day weekend, my husband’s family and some of their friends have this tradition. The dad’s pack up all the kids and enough food, camping equipment, and fishing gear, and drive out to the middle of nowhere Nevada (well, it’s actually the Arc Dome Wilderness on the Cow Creak Canyon Trail to be more specific) and go backpacking for four days. This started when the kids were young. I believe my sister in law was around 9 or 10 when she went the first time.

Nick and I with Arc Dome in the background.

Nick and I with Arc Dome in the background.

Now that all of the kids have grown and are out of college, the tradition still stands and we try to go every year when time permits. This yearly event is one of the most fun trips we go on all year and it’s so great spending time with everyone.




It’s funny though, each year I am amazed at the camp set up. Since they have been doing this trip for years, they have gradually stashed away items into hiding places such as camp tables, a horseshoe set, a dutch oven, a shovel… Items that come out of the woods every year for our use and then go back into hiding. Amazing.


After a riveting “old guys” horseshoe match.

 This year, we had 14 people on the trip, one of the largest groups we’ve ever had. As usual, we packed in WAY too much food and ended up packing a lot back out. Luckily the hike in (and out) is only about 5 miles, which makes for a pretty easy day of backpacking even with a heavy pack.

Love these trees, perfect for a hammock!

Love these trees, perfect for a hammock!

We hike in to a gorgeous camping spot along the Reese River in a lovely grove of Aspen trees. It’s funny, one of the kids (who’s actually in his mid-20’s now) is named for this River. So you can see how this place is certainly special to all who have participated in the trips over the years.

There is even time for knitting!

There is even time for knitting!


And definitely time for Hobo Pies.

And definitely time for Hobo Pies.

I feel lucky to be a part of the tradition. So lucky.

Sunset over Arc Dome

Sunset over Arc Dome



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