I Love Lamp

So, I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of lamps to fill in the holes in our recess lighting in the living room, but after about a solid year of looking I had about given up.  To be fair, I could probably have found something online a long time ago. Now, I like online shopping for some things (clothes surprisingly–I HATE malls, and dressing rooms, and well, you get the picture) but honestly, when I get home after staring at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do is stare more. Hence why I almost never blog anymore. But I digress…

So after about a year of halfheartedly searching here and there around town (both in thrift stores and retail stores) when I had time, I decided to hit up the Marshall’s down the street. I was also hoping to find some new pillows for the couch on the cheap, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to look for lamps there too. Well, it was my lucky day, because not only did I find lamps I REALLY liked, they are also hubby-approved. In fact, when I texted him a photo of them, he returned with a, “Those are bad a$$!” So needless to say they went home with me. Oh yeah, I found pillows too.


One of the lamps before I filled it & my new chevron pillows.


The pillow I got for the chair is the same brand as the chevron pillows and had all the same colors. I love stuff that coordinates but mixes prints. Super fun.

The cool thing about these lamps it that they are the jug kind that you can put stuff in to compliment the decor of your house. Usually you see similar things at Pottery Barn filled with shells or wine corks or something super classy. Since my living room is a far cry from looking like the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog I wasn’t really sure what was going inside, I just knew I really liked them. I got them home and asked the Mr. what he thought should go in them. His response? “Well, I thought we could put yarn in them, you have so much of it!” I guess I’ve trained him well, eh?


In person it looks rad. Super rad.

So that is how the yarn lamp came to be. It’s fitting since my “decor” usually consists of lots and lots of yarn, everywhere. There is a serious pile on my coffee table right now actually. I’ll be filling the 2nd one with more yarn soon and placing it on a side table next to the armchair I showed you above. I posted this pic on Jimmy Beans Wool’s Facebook page yesterday and all of the knitters went crazy over it. I guess people liked the yarn lamp. I love it too. Yep folks. I love Lamp.


On a side note, I also love Cascade 220 Fingering weight yarn. I had the opportunity to knit with it earlier this year for a design that just came out in the latest Cascade 60 Quick Knits book and it was seriously awesome stuff.  My design is a simple little garter stitch shawlette with a shell lace border and it’s appropriately called the Shell Lace Shawlette.  I hope you’ll check out the book. Officially, it’s titled: 60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops. I’m pretty proud of this design. It’s my first non-Jimmy Beans book publication, and I was so honored to be included in this collection. The book is due out in November, so pretty much any day now, but in the meantime, you can check out all of the designs on Ravelry.


I have a lot of new designs coming out in the next month or two, so stay tuned. I may actually blog again soon! (Don’t hold your breath though.)

Happy knitting,


PS. My coworker Terry, who is an outstanding knitting teacher and fiber enthusiast started a blog. You should go follow her: Terraknit

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Kristen aka. Marinade is an avid knitter, knitwear designer, crafter, blogger, doggie-mom, organic food grower and cooker, yoga practitioner, runner, and mountain climber. She is married to an amazing man who loves most of the same things, but also dragons. She lives in Reno, NV.
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One Response to I Love Lamp

  1. terraknit says:

    Fantastic idea! And kudos to the Mr. for thinking yarn first!!!

    Congratulations on being selected for the 60 Quick Knits book! You totally deserve it!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

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